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Workshop Report "First Steps Towards a Reference Model for the Information Budget" Published

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A workshop of the Transform2Open project "First steps for a reference model for the information budget" in September 2023 focused on the development of a reference model for the information budget to accompany challenges in the financing of open access information provision.

This report outlines initial discussions on the implementation of a "reference model for the information budget", experiences with virtual and integrated/real budgets, and strategies for sustainability and transparency, marking a further step in promoting ongoing collaborative efforts.

Ferguson, L. M., Meistring, M., Bertelmann, R., Pampel, H., Barbers, I., Höhnow, T., Mittermaier, B., Kostädt, P., Schön, M., & Shelly, J. (2024). Report zur Veranstaltung: Transform2Open-Workshop "Erste Schritte für ein Referenzmodell für das Informationsbudget" (1.0). Zenodo. (in German)

Further participatory formats are being planned to ensure that discussions and progress in this important area can be continued collectively.