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Published: Publication Cost Monitoring: Current Status and Challenges of Monitoring Publication Costs at German Research Institutions (in German)

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The report documents publication cost monitoring procedures at German research institutions.

The Transform2Open project, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), focuses on the financial dimension of the open access transformation. The project aims to contribute to the further development of budgets, criteria, and competencies and to advance procedures to promote cost transparency at local, national, and international level. This report documents the publication cost monitoring procedures at German research institutions. It is aimed at library staff who are involved in Open Access issues at their institution.

The report is based on the public workshop "Cost Monitoring - Problem Areas and Need for Action", which took place online on May 10, 2023. In it, the technical and organizational requirements for the topic area in the facilities were compiled by 226 participants and problem areas and needs for action were identified. The findings from the workshop are supplemented by the evaluation of a targeted survey of open access experts from eight representatively selected research institutions. The experiences from the monitoring of the DFG funding program "Open Access Publication Costs" round off the survey on the status of publication cost monitoring procedures at German research institutions.

Building on this report, a handout for decision-makers at scientific institutions with specific and operationalizable recommendations for the design of institutional cost monitoring processes is planned for 2025.

Schön, M., Barbers, I., Mittermaier, B., Bertelmann, R., Ferguson, L. M., Höhnow, T., Kostädt, P., Meistring, M., Pampel, H., & Shelly, J. (2024). Publikationskostenmonitoring: Aktueller Stand und Herausforderungen des Monitorings von Publikationskosten an deutschen wissenschaftlichen Einrichtungen. Zenodo. (in German)

We need your feedback! We would like to ask you for your feedback on this report. To ensure that the planned recommendations for decision-makers are designed in such a way that they can be easily integrated into existing institutional procedures and processes and thus support the establishment of an information budget in the institutions, we consider it important to gather insights from the specialist community.

Whether general feedback on the monitoring of publication costs or suggestions for improvement on individual aspects of cost monitoring, we welcome any input you can give us. Please feel free to write to: